About us

Products for picky pets


Your pet is as individual as you are. So at Pet Island, we provide you and your friend an individual service that’s tailor-made to fit your needs. From specialist food for cats and feeding aids for dogs, grooming products to keep your pet in tip-top condition and heating for reptiles, you can buy everything you need from the comfort of your couch, and have it all delivered straight to your door.


Playtime for pets


We don’t forget playtime too – an activity that’s essential to keep animals engaged, happy and full of life. Our stock of toys specifically designed for different animals are all affordable and premium quality, giving you and your pet hours of fun and games!


Supplies for healthy, happy pets


Our Veterinary supplies keep ticks, worms and fleas at bay, while gentle shampoos and disinfectants keep both your pet and their environment clean and healthy.


Specialist care for reptiles


Reptiles need special care, and our complete range of premium quality reptilian care products make it easy to ensure the health and well being of snakes, lizards and other reptiles. From remedies and supplements to heaters and specially designed housing, we have everything your cold-blooded friends need to thrive.


Koi and ornamental fish


Koi are serene, beautiful creatures that make any pond come alive with colour. If your passion is keeping these gorgeous fish, then we have the equipment to keep your pond healthy, and specialist food to keep your fish happy.


Tropical and Marine


Thanks to today’s technology and lower equipment prices (not to mention Pixars  finding Nemo!!), marine & tropical fishkeeping is now appealing to more and more fishkeepers around the world. Whether you are ‘changing’ from an existing tropical or coldwater set or are completely new to all aspects of fishkeeping, at Pet Island you will find an extensive range of dry goods, foods and supplements,treatments, equipment and decorations. We are continuously updating and extending our online product ranges so be sure to check back later.



A personal service


Our promise to you and your pet is to deliver premium quality pet products at affordable prices. Simply browse our site, pick your products and head to our safe and secure online checkout – and we’ll deliver your goods beautifully gift wrapped and addressed to your pet!


Find out more by going to your pet category and browsing our products, or call us for personalised advice and we’ll be happy to help. Don’t forget to keep coming back for our special offers and great deals!